Defining your customer.

Research/a good idea!

In preparation of making a website, it’s a good idea to research keywords related to your products and/or services.

A good place to begin is using the Google Adword Keyword Tool.

Define Your Customer

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You know your customer better than anyone, the products and/or services you have to offer. With this valuable information you have along with your authority on the topic of your business comes the strategy of keywords.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Every day your customer is going online to one of the three major search engines, more than likely (80% + of search traffic), looking for your business! The advantage you have as a local small business can be very high considering what your competition levels are.

Try doing a search for your type of business, product, and/or service in your area  (for example: widgets ashland ohio), and see what the google search results provide. I think you will be surprised at how FEW of your competitors are listed in the local search results.

Keyword Suggestions (Free Adword-keyword tool by Google)

In the process of building your website you need to optimize your content with keywords to targeting your traffic and hopefully lead to conversions (a paying customer). The google adword-keyword tool will give you a great start to see what people are searching for most.

The time is just right for advertising on the internet especially for the local small businesses.

Motivation and determination will place you at the TOP of the first page of a google search result!

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